AdrenHerlyn is our first pre-workout designed just for women! It’s time the ladies had something to call their own – but more importantly, it’s time to have something that actually WORKS. AdrenHERlyn is a super potent thermogenic fat burner and pre-workout combination, and it’s definitely not just for anyone. AdrenHERlyn is for the ladies who take their workouts extremely seriously.

AdrenHERlyn increases performance, enhances fat loss, and reduces water retention all while tasting absolutely delicious. Our in-house development team is in constant pursuit of flavoring perfection, and they’ve found it with all of our available AdrenHERlyn flavors.

In fact, we even have two flavors exclusive to AdrenHERlyn, Strawberry Kiwi and Pink Lemonade. These flavors are just for you, ladies, so get in on the best-kept secret and join the AdrenHERlyn club!

Available Flavors: Strawberry Kiwi, Pink Lemonade

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